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For Immediate Release: June 7, 2012

Level 8 Launches Linked Social Networking and Mobile Tracking App for Android

June 7, 2012, New York, New York—Mobile application developer Level 8 LLC has launched its Android application Linked, now available on the Google Play App Market in the Social Apps category. Linked brings real-time, device-to-device tracking to Android smartphones. Linked accurately locates contacts on a map and shows users pertinent information such as distance between contacts, projected rendezvous time, speed of motion, and nearby location information, including street address. Linked also contains an instant chat engine that allows up to 20 contacts in a single group chat. Unlike other tracking apps, Linked does not require a "check-in" process, works across network carriers, and includes advanced features such as Geofencing (allows the user to draw a geographic boundary circle around a Linked contact and then be notified when that contact crosses that boundary) and Proximity Alerts (alert the user when one of their Linked contacts comes within a specified distance). Linked also provides privacy settings and the ability to go "invisible" or offline. In addition, a Link History screen shows a list of all connection sessions. Linked is available as Linked Lite, a free download version that allows the tracking of one contact at a time, and Linked Pro, which offers tracking of up to 20 contacts. Both versions offer group chat. In addition, Level 8 offers a Linked Enterprise system that allows unlimited tracking, a desktop client, and the potential for closed networks. Linked is currently available on Android devices, and Level 8 intends to have iOS and other platform versions available by summer 2012.

"We are more than excited to be launching Linked for Android," says COO Chris Thomas. "This app represents several years' work and demonstrates Level 8’s mastery of today’s LBS technologies."

Linked features:

Linked products on the Google Play App Market here

Media Contact: Woodrow Lin

About Level 8
Level 8 has over ten years of location-based technology experience and expertise that it has incorporated into its core tracking technology, Linked. Level 8 has paired this technology with exclusive data sets to produce valuable tools for the mobile device industry. Advanced location algorithms and proprietary data have allowed Level 8 to develop unique wireless product capabilities. These products include downloadable applications for smartphones, B2B wireless offerings through Fortune 500 companies, and brick-and-mortar boxed products—all interconnected for everyday use. Level 8 is working with major international operators to deploy customized versions of its applications. Level 8 not only produces products and services, but also offers licensing and integration relationships to other companies.

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