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Linked on a Phone


Linked: Locate yourself and contacts
Map Screen

Linked locates you and your contacts on the map in real time. Linked provides real-time location data to devices while on the go. This means both you and your Linked contacts can be moving and following each other in real-time; everyone on the go. Use the map in standard or satellite view modes.

Linked: Contact Info
Location Information

Linked reports accurate information for your connected contacts including nearby addresses, speed of motion, and their distance from you. Linked also allows you to use this information to create Geofences and Proximity Alerts. Linked uses proprietary location gathering methods to produce accurate contact positions.

the Links Manager
Links Manager

Use the Links Manager to manage all of your current Link sessions. From the Links Manager you can switch which contact is focused on the map, stop sessions, send messages, and go invisible—engaging ultimate privacy. The Links Manager will also show active Geofences and Proximity Alerts (see below).

Linked Contact List
Contact's List Screen

The Contacts List contains all of the Linked users who can communicate with you through Linked. To link or chat with a contact they MUST also have you in their Contact's List as well. From the Contact's List you can see the online/offline state of your contacts in addition to sending them a chat or linking to them to find their position.

Linked Chat
Linked Chat

Linked allows you to send instant chats to your contacts. You can use Linked Chat regardless of whether or not you have any active Link sessions. At any time in a chat you can invite other contacts to join the chat.



Linked Group Chat
Group Chats

Link allows up to 20 contacts to join a single chat session. The chat session announces all who enter and leave the chat. You can get a list of all attending contacts in a chat as well.

Linked Privacy
Full Privacy Control

Linked allows you to control who is able to see you and who isn't. For starters, only contacts in your contact list are able to interact with you at all. Then, you have individual privacy settings for every contact. Settings include Always Allow the contact to link to me, Alert Me when this contact wants to link to me, and Never Allow this contact to link to me.

Linked Privacy
Links History

Linked provides a History of all your Link sessions to and from contacts. You can organize the History information by when the link occurred, the duration of the link, or the contact that the link was with. In addition, you can filter the History to show only Links

Linked Geofencing

A Geofence is an imaginary boundary circle centered around one of your contacts. When you set a Geofence, it is based on the location of the contact at that moment. At any time after that, if the contact moves beyond the boundary of the Geofence, you will be alerted via a notification in your device's status bar.

Linked Proximity Alerts
Set Proximity & Speed Alerts

Much like a Geofence, a Proximity Alert is an imaginary boundary line around you that tells you if a contact has come within that boundary. A Speed Alert will notify you if a contact exceeds a max speed. If you set a Proximity or Speed Alert on one of your contacts, you will receive a notification in your device's status bar when that contact comes within the selected distance from your device.