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About Level 8

Level 8 has over ten years of location-based technology experience and expertise. Our products revolve around Linked, our core tracking technology. Level 8 has paired this technology with exclusive data sets to produce valuable tools for the mobile device industry. With proprietary and differentiating assets, Level 8 is offering LBS products across a variety of industries.

The Level 8 development team has grown with the mobile industry, embracing developments in platforms and devices as they emerged. Our development expertise is built on a firm understanding of these platforms and hardware technologies. Our products will represent this breadth of skill and will be available on all carrier networks across all major mobile platforms (Symbian, RIM, iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile).

Development Team

Level 8's team are expert developers and integrators. With over 10 years spent crafting and perfecting our LBS technologies, Level 8 has worked not only to produce our own products and services, but to offer licensing and integration relationships to other companies. Level 8 has worked intimately with large cellular network carriers internationally to provide technical assistance in integrating our core technology.

Our Edge

Level 8's protected IP, advanced location algorithms, and proprietary data enables the introduction of unique wireless products and capabilities. These products include downloadable applications on smartphones, B2B wireless offerings through Fortune 500 companies, and brick-and-mortar boxed products—all interconnected for everyday use. In addition, Level 8 is working with major international operators to deploy customized versions of its applications.

The Core Level 8 Team
Woodrow Lin
Stanford Milnes
Vice President
Chris Thomas
Ben Rodilitz
Senior Project Manager
Cooper Amyx
Senior Software Engineer
David Manpearl
Senior Software Engineer